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After a hour of visting plots and figuring out which ones we liked the most. Below in order, from 1st to 3rd are the top 3 winners.

First: BreakSteak | Plot ID: 85;85

Second: B4BYSLOTH | Plot ID: 3;1

Third: WDGxMoTiiOnZz Plot ID: 548;50

Congrats to these winners. I will put your prizes in your plots somewhere safe.

Make sure to check our there plots and congratulate them in game!
epicmaker5 when i try to join the server it says you are not whitelisted on this server,have i been banned!?
XenoTrollz x
Hey guys! How's it going?. I've got you all some amazing news! carty18, Bigfish9000, justrageout and Myself are hosting a 'Best Plot' Competition! Wanting to enter? Keep reading then!
How to enter:

Basically, The title says it all. BEST PLOT. Redesign to make it look the best. any way you want. You can make it out of any type of block any shape, size, colour we don't care just make it the best!

After a week or two we will go through all the plots and decide the top 10 and keep on going from there until we get a top 3!
Yet you ask, How will we find the plots? Send a tweet to with #BestPlot and your plot ID. Here is an example of how it would look


Plot ID: 18;-33


So for the prizes for the top 3 plot winners they will be listed below.

First Place: 30 mil + Anarchist kit

Second Place: 30 mil

Third Place: Anarchist Kit

Once again, Make sure to tweet your plots to and also don't forget to follow!
jack2021 I was scammed IRL Money Bye YoloMcSwagX Tell him to give me my money back Thank You
redders7720 3rd place is better than 2nd place, lol
Totito9 Somebody still my 10 10 10 pick and im very sad his name is ChoppinUpBaccas
We are hoping this update will be around 30-40 minutes long maybe a hour at the longest. The following things will be added below:

  • Update to 1.7.2
  • Add auctions
  • add /fly to gorillas and anarcist only in the plot world
  • Make the spawn more christmas like on regular anarchy / Same with the mines
  • Disable all friendly mods of any kind including golems
  • We need to fix nocheatplus with nuking
  • Add free rank
Add prestiege system

Also we have accepted two new staff members, Make sure to congratulate them in the game if you see them.

  • Cenzuh
  • Harry_1Z3

ptorlowski plz update to 1.7.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wallie227 and how do i get the prefix in my name since i am u can look in the server
wallie227 /fly does not work for me and i am anarchist
Hows it guy Lilmac back at ya with some more great news!

As you can see by the title "" will be the IP of our new server. The server will be OP Prison and yes Jerumhi will be playing here. We are nearly finished with the server so around a hour or two until we fully release it.

Now within the 'forums' section I have added in a new area for If you wish to post anything concerning please post it there otherwise we wont bother reading it. Updates:
  • Added in X Mine
  • Added in Y Mine
  • Added in Z Mine
  • Added in /warp MP - Mainly for G and below

    Thank you for the support and hope you enjoy your time on the Anarchy-Network

Darkness3216 can i buy an OP pic
PandaMan immortal and above gets /fly
cwmcd Guys when you buy immortal do you get /fly with it Please reply it's the only thing stopping me from buying it.
Hey guys. This is a Step by Step tutorial on how to add your Minecraft character to your Enjin account. This will be needed if you wish to have your donation rank or a rank next to your name.

To add your Minecraft Character, Follow these steps:

(1) Click your avatar to go to your profile page
(2) Click the Characters tab
(3) Add Character
(4) Select Minecraft
(5) You will not be asked to enter a code. Do the following:
- Start Minecraft
- Click Multiplayer
- Click the "Direct Connect"
- Enter and then click "Join server" (see image below)
- You should get kicked and a code should be given as the kick message
- Enter that code into your "Add Character"
- Your Character should now be verified and added!

Please note that, after you click Multiplayer, you click "Direct Connect" in order to enter the

I hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments section below
jack2021 Amazing ! I just got Free PRIZES ! Come and claim your Free Prizes too >> << ...
DIEHARDPLAYHARD How do i get the op prison?
LutherMaximus I still can't figure out the op prison server name. Any answers?
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